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Usual training & cons

The thinking revolution in psychology gives an understanding of two types of memory. Short term & Longterm. Our Continous learning helps to move the accumulated knowledge from short term to long term.

After the information moved to the long term memory, It can be accessed but when we connect that with the image and videos it makes easily usable. CloutLearn trains the brain to learn the information through multiple patterns where it will be powerfully used in the future.


How unique this app will remind us



We will collect the contents from our trainers in a systematic trained order with all the relevant topics include.



CloutLearn will understand the trainees and help them to remind the concepts with relevant topics discussed in the training program.



"The contents will be uploaded in a logical form with the format through technology algorithms."



"Helps the trainees to remind the concepts consistently. The managers can evaluate through the tracking metrics whether the trainees have opened the app when it was reminded."

Constructivities & Cognitive information Processing

Through a qualitative research, Jean & Lev found that learning is not just adding information but integrating knowledge in each person's mind. It is processing the information with the existing information where the outcome is the new combined and colloborated information

We dont focus only on the information but also understand how a mind accumulates the inforamtion and process it. The Cloutlearn app is designed through this understanding


Science & Continous learning concepts

A renoun psychologist Mr Hermann has found through his study that people tend to forget the learned information slow and consistently. Further research shows that through regular reminders and recollection of information, an individual can utilize his collected information more easily.

Through the human understanding, we create algorithms based on the this research where the learning could happen and training could impact drastically.


Easy application

Repeated reminders

Cost effective

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