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Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Courses

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What is Digital Marketing?

The term “Digital Marketing” is self explanatory. It is the process of marketing an event , product , idea , person, goods , services or information through various digital devices in a digital medium like internet .Nowadays, the entire world is profoundly dependent on digital technology for reaching market segments, conducting market research through web analytics, managing content and so on irrespective of the industry involved.

As this dependence is continuously growing , a new skill sets has taken birth leading to the requirement of more marketing and technical knowledge among the professionals and ultimately creation of new jobs.


Six Steps for Success in Digital Marketing Courses
Step 1 – Catch the web user’s eye
Step 2 – Increase visitors to Website
Step 3 – Get them to engage
Step 4 – Generate enquiry into products
Step 5 – Measure leads and spends
Step 6 – Make sure customers stay


For a beginner who takes tiny steps into the world of digital marketing, this introductory module of the digital marketing training program provides a strong foundation of basics on which they may build and develop their marketing skills online.


An overview of the digital marketing course will enable you to get a firm grasp of the concepts that make digital marketing the favoured choice of providers of good and services. Now you will know exactly what you have to do if you shift from virtual marketing and go digital.


Once you understand the options and the opportunities in digital marketing training, you begin your action plan by selecting the business model best suited to your purposes, and begin and in-depth study of your market to get to know your customers and their needs.


Your research helps you identify what you have to do keep customers happy, and what more you have to do to avoid problems and failures. The module on implementation will help in the smooth transformation of your action plan into a successful venture.

  • What is marketing and Marketing Mix
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Difference between Digital marketing and Traditional marketing
  • Skills required for becoming a successful Digital marketer
  • Digital marketing tools
  • A/B Testing
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Scope of Digital Marketing