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Timings: Weekend Classes | 3 Months Duration | 50% real time practice

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Digital Marketing Certification Course

In the digital era, most marketing campaigns have shifted online. Organizations, whether big or small, are using the cyberspace to expand their network and widen their reach. Digital marketing strategies are continually proving their worth by enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing revenue generation.

As a result, the demand for competent personnel trained in digital marketing is rising rapidly. Numerous companies are looking to hire well-trained individuals who carry a digital marketing certification.

This is precisely the need that we, at cloutlearn Training and Placement in Bangalore are aiming to fulfill.

Who Are We?

CloutLearn Digital marketing training institute, located in Bangalore, which conducts a certified digital marketing course. Whether you are a fresher, a marketer, or an entrepreneur, our experienced staff uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you comprehensive knowledge about the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.

Which Courses Do We Offer?

We offer a digital marketing certification course at beginner and advanced levels. This course primarily covers the areas of:

    • – Affiliate Marketing.
    • – Content Marketing.
    • – Digital Marketing.
    • – E-mail Marketing.
    • – Google AdWords.
    • – Google Analytics.
    • – Lead Generation.
    • – Online Reputation Management.
    • – Search Engine Optimisation.
    • – Social Media Marketing.

The course isn’t just designed to sharpen your digital marketing certification skills. It is also meant to make the learning process quick, simple, and fun.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria?

Although there are no education based criteria to be a part of our digital marketing training certification course, we prefer candidates who are enthusiastic about the opportunities which the field of digital marketing has to offer.

If you are passionate about learning how the online networks function, this course is well-suited for you. Possessing good communication skills would be an additional benefit.

What Is the Duration of This Course?

Being the best digital marketing certification institute, we understand the value of your time. This is why our entire course module lasts for a period no longer than 72 hours. During this time, the training imparted is both, intensive and exhaustive.

Moreover, you get to become a part of our efficient certified digital marketing course community by gaining lifelong access to all our resources.

How Much Does It Cost?

The course fee to receive a professional certificate in digital marketing is INR 24,000 per student. However, this is just a one-time investment which is going to be rewarded with a certified digital marketing course.

Are Online Classes Available?

We offer both, online and offline courses. Students can register for the online course via the CloutLearn app. They will be provided with a username and a password using which they can visit and engage with our online facilities.

Does the Course Require Technical Knowledge?

To enroll in our certified digital marketing course, you do not require any specific technical knowledge. As a digital marketer, your basic role would only be to understand how various marketing instruments work. The technical aspects would be handled by web developers and designers.

Why Choose CloutLearn?

CloutLearn is a leading digital marketing certification institute which strives to provide you with the following benefits:

    • – We offer the best digital marketing certification course which has been developed by experts.
    • – We conduct interactive classes in live and video formats.
    • – More than theory, our teachers focus on practical modes of instruction.
    • – We give personal attention to each student and push them to grow.
    • – Students have unlimited access to key tools.
    • – Our digital marketing certification course uses group discussions, case studies, and workshops to make learning easier.

At CloutLearn, we don’t just provide a digital marketing training certification. Instead, we present our students, with a medium to empower themselves specialized are looking for a professional certificate in digital marketing, be a part of our specialized course and prepare yourself to leave a permanent imprint in the digital world.